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Where Do You Live  


A drama series about the conflict between past and future, tradition and progress, self-fulfillment and family values.


In a Bukharan community we see the struggles between the older generation that wants a traditional life in Bukhara, Uzbekistan and the new generation that wants to build a new life in a new country.


The series takes place precisely at the crisis point between the old generation and ancient traditions and the new generation and the 21st century. The series includes biographical elements of the two lead actors--the grandmother in the series is played by their actual grandmother.

Created by | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Hay Davidov, Ronen Davidov

Producers | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Head Screenwriter | Guy Sides

Script editor | Chen Kliman

Directed by | Yaron Shilon

Additional screenwriters | Hay Davidov, Ronen Davidov

Cinematography by | Elad Dabi

Original score | Eldad Zitrin

Art Director | Tamar Gadish

Edited by | Yaron Ruda, Liron Langer

Soundtrack Design by | Michael Emet

Casting by | Galit Eshkol

Cast | Rivka Michaeli, Ronen Davidov, Hay Davidov, Adi Himelbloy, Tuvia Tzafir, Liraz Charhi, Shanti Ash

Broadcaster | The Broadcast Authority,  Channel 1, Israel

First Season - 8 Ep. X 40 Min.


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