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Where Do You Live 

Chai’s search for self continues and this time he travels as far as Bukhara, Uzbekistan with his eldest son in a moving, suspenseful and amusing search for the family’s lost Torah.

The love between Chai and Esti flourishes but the second they part at the airport he is in for a surprise in the form of Dafi, who rattles his world.

The new, 13 episode season will be filmed in the summer of 2017 and will air in early 2018.

Season 2 - 13 Ep. X 40 Min

Created by | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Hay Davidov, Ronen Davidov, Guy Sidis

Head Screenwriter | Guy Sidis

Screenplay editor | Chen Kleiman-gal

Directed by | Yaron Shilon

Additional screenwriters | Hay Davidov, Ronen Davidov

Producers | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Broadcaster | KAN 11


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