The portrait of political artist and graphic designer David Tartakover, collector of Israeli images, 2002 laureate of the Israel Prize for Design, reveals his world to director Shahar Rozen. Tartakover’s personal work is a reaction to the Israeli cultural and political reality. Tartakover opens up to the director, revealing his personal journals – “The Black Books” as he calls them, which follow the central events in Israeli society, as well as his personal world, like a seismograph.


David Tartakover’s unique work creates a synthesis between the outputs of popular culture and fine culture, between the verbal text and the visual image, between the personal statement and the collective representation of local cultural values.


The film is an uninterrupted turning of the pages of “The Black Books”, through which we obtain not only a retrospective of David Tartakover’s works over a period of more than 30 years but a portrait of the visual images which are part of the Israeli collective memory. Images which were transformed into icons and which left a mark on the local culture.

Directed and Cinematography by: Shahar Rozen

Producers: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Edited by: Nili  Feller

Soundtrack Design by: Ronen Nagal

Original score: Ophir Leibovitch


Production companyTTV Productions Ltd


The Second Authority for Television & Radio, Channel 2, Israel

Technical info:

51' | Digibeta
Language - Hebrew | Country -Israel | 2009


The Jewish Eye - Israel, 2012




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