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Memory Forest

Screenwriter & Created by:


Casting by: 


Alex Silberg, Yasmin Gandus, Avraham Arenson, Ido Tako, Oranit Edry, Rotem Kainan, Doreet Peled Harpaz

Produced with the support of:

Production company:

Directed by:

Roman Shomonov


About the Project:

A group of Israeli teens embark on a trip to Poland and the concentration camps for an up-close lesson on the blood-soaked history of WWII. It is there, supposedly in the wrong place and time, that love blossoms between two young people: Shani, a cynical, distant teen who can't tap into the emotions that are surfacing and Kobi, a young Zionist who deems this journey a mission. Despite their differences, they form a bond and prompted by Kobi, Shani sets out on a personal quest in the footsteps of her roots in Ukraine. Ultimately they dodge the group to find out what happened to her family. The series focuses on the memory of the Holocaust and the way in which fourth generation Israelis learn, experience and confront it

Memory Forest


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