Yardena's Journey

For her 70th birthday, Yardena Arazi embarks on a journey with her cousin Tamar in the footsteps of their mothers and heroines – Yvette and Fanny Loinger. During the journey they uncover the stories of other Jewish women who all endeavored for one cause – saving hundreds of Jewish children. The story of the Loinger family, to which Yardena's mother was born, is rare and unique – unbeknownst to the Nazis, four members of one family rescued hundreds of Jewish children from death and risked their lives in doing so. The fact that three of them are women makes this story even more astonishing. A story about the fortitude of women in impossible circumstances.

Directed by: Ayelet Heller

Produced by: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Edited by: Hadas Ayalon

Cinematography by: Shuki Guzik

Research: Emmanuel Berrebi

Production company: TTV Productions Ltd

Broadcaster: HOT8,  Channel 8, Israel

Distributors: TTV Productions Ltd – info@ttv.co.il

Technical info: 65' | HD

Language – Hebrew, English, Bulgarian 

Country - Israel, Bulgaria | 2019