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Yardena's Journey

60 Min.

For her 70th birthday, Yardena Arazi embarks on a journey with her cousin Tamar in the footsteps of their mothers and heroines – Yvette and Fanny Loinger. During the journey they uncover the stories of other Jewish women who all endeavored for one cause – saving hundreds of Jewish children.


The story of the Loinger family, to which Yardena's mother was born, is rare and unique – unbeknownst to the Nazis, four members of one family rescued hundreds of Jewish children from death and risked their lives in doing so. 


Directed & Written by | Ayelet Heller

Produced by | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Edited by | Hadas Ayalon

Cinematography by | Shuki Guzik

Research | Emmanuel Berrebi

Broadcaster | HOT8,  Channel 8, Israel


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