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Thou Shalt Not Dance

For three years, a group of religious men have secretly practiced dance. In their graduation show, they are supposed to expose themselves and their dance before their unsuspecting friends and family. Join them on a journey packed with personal and financial difficulties, internal and external struggles, in a meaningful time where they graduate from school question their future.


Written and Directed by | Eyal Sella, Yochai Shalom Hadad

Producers | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Cinematography by | Yochai Shalom Hadad, Yochai Atzmon, Itay Vinogard, Eyal Sela

Edited by | Itay Livne 

Soundtrack Design by | Ami Arad 

Original score | Amit Ben Atar

Broadcaster | Keshet Media Group

Produced with the support of | Israel Film Service, Ministry of Culture and Sports, The Payis Council for Culture and Art

Distributors | Go2Films-,


50 Min.

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