The Spy Family

The true and stirring story about an Egyptian family that spied for Israel during the most tense and violent years in Israel-Egypt relations.

"The Spy Family" is about an Egyptian family that spied for Israel, was caught and paid a heavy price. While in Egypt they are infamous, in Israel they are unremembered in the military heroic ethos. The film will lay bare the espionage affair and the family's personal story.

Status: Pre Production

Gaenre: Docomantary

Language: Hebrwe, Arabic

Director: Rafael Balulu

Producer: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Partners: yes Docu, Israel



Productions Ltd

2 mapu St, Tel-Aviv.

6357702 Israel 

Tel: 972 - 3 - 5469222

Fax: 972 - 3 - 5469224

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