In 2007, a wave of African refugees crossed the border into Israel. Destitute after having traversed the desert on foot, they crossed the border between Egypt and Israel in the dead of night with the threat of Egyptian gunfire looming over their heads. The Israeli military took the refugees in, but a day later they could be found on the streets because the powers that be were unwilling to take responsibility for them.


The only help offered was by individuals and former refugees who toiled day and night to procure food, clothing and shelter for the newcomers.


This film follows the refugees during the course of one year, documenting the trauma of the various groups and focusing on two personal stories: Adam, who fled from Darfur and arrived in Israel alone while his wife and children were detained by the Egyptians, and Ismail, also from Darfur, who crossed the border with his wife Halima and their four children.

Written and Directed by: Shai Carmeli Pollak

Producers: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Cinematography by: Keren Shayo, Yoav Gurfinkel

Additional Photography by: Yoni Masi, Shai Carmeli Pollak, Arik Futterman

Edited by: Tanya Raikhlin

Soundtrack Design by: Itzik Cohen, Gadi Raz, Rei Elbaz


Production company: TTV Productions Ltd


Reshet, Channel 2, Israel  
MAKOR Foundation for Israeli Films, Israel


Ruth Films

Technical info:

54 & 67' | Digbeta
Language - Hebrew, Arabic, Tigrinit, English | Country -Israel | 2008


  • Film IsReal Festival, The Netherlands, 2010

  • Pan African Film & Arts Festival, LA, 2010

  • Bronze Olive Award - Montenegro Int'l TV Film Festival, 2009

  • Milan Int'l Film Festival, Italy, 2009

  • ACOR SOS Racism Int'l Film Festival, Switzerland, 2009

  • Cape Town Israeli Documentary Film Festival, South Africa, 2009

  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2009

  • Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2009 

  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival - Canada, 2009 

  • Haifa Film Festival - Israel, 2008




girl and Knesset
girl and Knesset


kids in prison
kids in prison


man in bus
man in bus