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54 & 67 Min.

In 2007, a wave of African refugees reached Israel. The Israeli military took the refugees in, but a day later they could be found on the streets because those in power refused to take responsibility for them. The only help offered was by individuals and former refugees who toiled day and night to procure food, clothing and shelter for the newcomers.


Written and Directed by | Shai Carmeli Pollak

Producers | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Cinematography by | Keren Shayo, Yoav Gurfinkel

Additional Photography by | Yoni Masi, Shai Carmeli Pollak,

Arik Futterman

Edited by | Tanya Raikhlin

Soundtrack Design by | Itzik Cohen, Gadi Raz, Rei Elbaz

Broadcaster | Reshet, Channel 2, Israel  
Produced with the support of | MAKOR Foundation for Israeli Films

Distributors | Ruth Films


  • Bronze Olive Award - Montenegro Int'l TV Film Festival, 2009


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