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Real Men

6 Ep. X 32 Min.

In recent years the Israeli male has undergone a plethora of dramatic changes. From the image of the tough "Sabra" came the handsome young man. New role models emerged: the "Nouveau Rebel," the modern-traditional men's magazine type man and the metrosexual. In this series, Reshef Levy takes us on a journey to explore the question: "Who is the Israeli man?"

Host​ | Reshef Levy

Created by | Ohad Ouziel, Zafrir Kochanovsky

Directed by | Yael Feldman, Yoav Ruda, Tomer Heymann

Producers | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Research by | Ronit Dor, Tali Shamir Werzberger

Cinematography | Rami Katzav, Boaz Yacov, Dudu Ytzhaki,

Amitai Aizenberg, Oron Cohen, Oded Kimhi

Content Editor | Ohad Ouziel

Edited by | Yuval Geva, Yuval Manzoora 

Original score | Ophir Leibovitch

Broadcaster | YES doc, Israel



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