Real Men


In recent years the Israeli male has undergone a plethora of dramatic changes. From the image of the tough "Sabra" came the handsome young man. New role models emerged: the "Nouveau Rebel," the modern-traditional men's magazine type man and the metrosexual.


The series maps out these changes. Reshef Levy takes us on a six-episode journey to explore the question: "Who is the Israeli man?" Has a new man emerged and is the change indeed profound and real, or perhaps we are not so far, after all, from the coarse military general type? 


Reshef meets young men and old men, men who have been married for 73 years alongside men who cannot function in a relationship, rich men, unemployed men, gamblers, criminals, lone farmers, pubescent youths and submissive sex slaves. Each represents to the viewer worlds apart, albeit all very genuine.

Host​: Reshef Levy

Created by: Ohad Ouziel, Zafrir Kochanovsky

Directed by: Yael Feldman, Yoav Ruda, Tomer Heymann

Producers: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Research by: Ronit Dor, Tali Shamir Werzberger

Cinematography: Rami Katzav, Boaz Yacov, Dudu Ytzhaki, Amitai Aizenberg, Oron Cohen, Oded Kimhi

Content Editor: Ohad Ouziel

Edited by: Yuval Geva, Yuval Manzoora 

Original score: Ophir Leibovitch

Production company: TTV Productions Ltd

YES doc, Israel


TTV Productions Ltd -

Technical info:

32' | Six Episodes | Digbeta 
Language - Hebrew | Country -  Israel | 2006




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2 mapu St, Tel-Aviv.

6357702 Israel 

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Fax: 972 - 3 - 5469224

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