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Protection is an ambitious new returning international crime/thriller drama series.

To combat the rise of international organized crime, witness protection programs across the world operate and cooperate together, so that witnesses in danger in their home country can be placed under the protection of another nation’s program.

‘Protection' tells the life or death story of those within and administering the program.

Each season has a major, stand-alone storyline with our returning characters’ story arcs developing further.

Season One is set in Israel, the UK and USA. Development beyond Season One can incorporate storylines in other territories.

Status: Packaging

Gaenre: Crime / Thriller

Format: 8 X 60'

Language: English / Hebrew

Producer: Patrick Irwin (87 Films),

Zafrir Kochanovsky (ttv Productions)

Creators: Alan Whiting, Zafrir Kochanovsky, Izhar Harlev

WriterAlan Whiting

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