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The Party With Yuval Kaspin

Every Friday Yuval Kaspin visits the home of an individual who wants to organize a party or a special event for a loved one. Yuval visits the homes with a regular team comprised of a chef and event planner, and turns every gathering into a special event, some of which is planned, some of which is spontaneous.

The focus of the story is the planning of the event, the preparation of the meal and the tips and advice. The program has a very personal and unmediated feel, which provides the viewers a sense of intimacy.

The experts planning the event include Yuval, the host of the show, the event planner, the chef, the guests and undoubtedly the host of the event who joins the team and contributes during the preparations that will help to create the event best suited for the guest of honor.

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Idan Levi, Amir Feldman, Shirli Stern

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