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My Sister Skipped a Grade - Season 3


The new season, the longest yet with 16 episodes, will continue to follow Michal (Maya Bakowski) who has to deal with the presence of her younger genius and proud sister (Bar Minialy) in the same high school classroom as her. What can we expect? We can't tell you everything in advance, but we can tell you that: her mom (Tali Oren) makes the two girls share a room; Ronnie finds a new love (!!!); Michal is promoted to shift manager at the café (this way she can cause less damage) and she picks Dishi (hearthrob Omer Hazan) to work with her as a waiter. Koby (Amit Moreshet) loses his coat and becomes a nice guy! (But don't worry, it'll pass). The season also includes a special episode featuring the members of the Formula Band playing themselves and performing together with the actresses a song written especially for the show.

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Yoni Gera

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