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My Sister Skipped a Grade - season 3



"My sister skipped a grade" tells the story of all the big brothers whose parents have ordered them to "take their little brother" with them a second before they leave the house - and the story of the little brothers who were dragged after the big ones for their adventures. Age differences, mentality, and ways to bridge this gap.


So what's more important at school: good friends or good grades? Concentrating on your studies or making sure you match colors? Sometimes, as the sisters discover, the answers are actually in the middle.

Created by: Chen Kleiman-gal

Head Screenwriter: Chen Kleiman-gal

Screenplay editor: Yotam Sas 

Directed by: Yoni Gera

Additional screenwriters: 

Producers: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Production company: TTV Productions Ltd

Broadcaster: YES Kids

Casting by: Inbar David

Set design: Shiri Golan

Filming begins in the summer of 2018







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