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The Series tells the story of two sisters – teenager Michal and her little sister Ronnie, who skipped two classes and now attends high school with her.


not only is her nerdy, cool little sister in her class, now her mom also works at her school as a substitute teacher!

Luckily, Michal doesn't have much time to deal with this, because this season there is a real chance that she and Dishi will be together - if they manage to survive their first date...


The new episodes also feature new and surprising guest stars, including Kim Or Azulay, Noa Cohen, Itay Herman and Maya Wertheimer.

My Sister Skipped a Grade 

Season 2 - 12 Ep. X 25 Min.

Screenwriter & Created by | Chen Kleiman-gal

Directed by | Yoni Gera

Producers | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Casting by | Inbar David

Set design: | Shiri Golan

Broadcaster | YES Kids

Worth Mentioning | the series was sold Amazon Prime and to the Portuguese channel - SIC


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