Muted Victims


"Muted Victims" deals with the status of victims of capital crimes who are left out of the legal system's considerations during the legal process. In rape and murder trials, the District Attorney is in charge of prosecution and it is his role to conduct a just trial on behalf of the State. But in fact, many of the cases are closed with a plea bargain at the victim's expense.


The film follows the Shalhov family, whose daughter was murdered, and the story of "Noa", who was raped. The agony that these victims experience ends dramatically in both cases but in different ways. The Noga Center for Crime Victims , Ono Academic College supports the victims throughout the trials and sees that their few rights are protected and that their voices are heard as much as possible.


Written and Directed by: Shiri Tzur 

Producers: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Cinematography by: Amitay Isenberg, Ronen Mayo, Rami Katzav

Edited by  Sara Salomon          

Research by: Daniel Drori               

Soundtrack Design by: Yossi Apelbaum

Production company: TTV Productions Ltd


YES Doc, Israel
The Marc Rich Foundation for Education, Culture and Welfare, Israel.

Technical info:

50' | Digibeta
Language - Hebrew | Country -Israel | 2007


Haifa Film Festival - Israel, 2007




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6357702 Israel 

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Fax: 972 - 3 - 5469224

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