Kadish for Naomi


The workings of a play, the creative process and the behind-the-scenes world are generally hidden from view until the finished product is greeted by spotlights on stage. 


This documentary follows the work on Alan Ginsburg's play, "Kadish for Naomi", and examines the aspects that impact the creative theatrical experience.


The camera crew accompanies the fascinating, complex theatrical production every day 45 days. The result is this exciting documentary that unveils the theatre experience from an authentic point of view. It reveals perspective conflicts, drama, frustration and anger, pranks and practical jokes, ego matches, burgeoning intimacy, love and loneliness- these are all laid bare before the camera - out in the open, but never really in sight.


The play deals with the insanity of Naomi Ginsburg, the playwright's mother, while the revealing look at the preparations for the play disclose the insanity of the actors, the strange symbiosis between the actors themselves, the characters they portray, and the moment in which the two merge.

Created by: Allen Ginsberg

Directed by: Avy Hemy

Producers: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Cinematography by: Abigail Shefarber

Edited by: Halil Efrat

Original score: Yossi Mer Haim

Production company: TTV Productions Ltd


Israel Broadcasting Authority, Channel 1, Israel

The Open University of Israel, Israel

Technical info:

54' | Digbeta

Language - Hebrew | Country -Israel | 2000


  • Winner of the Silver Olive Leaves at the Kalamata International Documentary Film Festival - Greece, 2001 

  • sraeli Festival - France, 2001

  • Volgin Competition at the Jerusalem film Festival - Israel, 2000



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