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In The Beginning

34 Min.

This animated drama about the creation of the world attracts an audience of young viewers to the story of Genesis, to get to know the diverse theories surrounding the story and to find answers to questions that will be raised. 

The youths in In The Beginning experience fascinating adventures while constantly arguing, albeit with humor, about the essence of the creation. The film contemplates the existing conflicts between the standard scientific theories and the description of the creation in the book of Genesis. Ultimately, they reach the understanding that not only does science contradict the bible, but that science is an important tool in understanding it, and that there is an obvious, proven link between the ancient verses and the more modern theories.

Screenwriter By | Tzvi Fishman and Shay Kapon

Senior Animator By | Beeri Ben-Ner 

Director By | Avi Hemy

Based on the novel by Prof. Nathan Aviezer

Producer By | Zafrir Kochanovsky 

Partners | For Bar Ilan University, Israel


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