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Habima Drama Studio

A portrayal of the Habima national theater youth group working on its first play while the same dilemmas and dreams that the original Habima founders experienced 90 years before unfold in the present day. In the film we meet the Habima youths from different periods of time and the young actors of today in an attempt to understand the components of Habima throughout the ages.


Directed by | Shahar Rozen

Producers | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Content Editor | Ilan Sheizaf 

Content Advisor | Professor Gad Kenar 

Research | Rami Semo

Cinematography by | Yoav Kosh, Shahar Rozen, Roni Keren

Edited by | Anat Tzom Ayalon

Soundtrack Design by |  Kobi Eisenman

Original Music | Hilit Rozental

Artistic Consultant | Nava Dissentshik

Produced by Israel Film Service | Donna Gobi, Dafna Binyamini 

Partners | Israel Film Service, Ministry of Culture and Sports, The Payis Council for Culture and Art


62 Min.

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