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Productions in Development

2055, futuristic Jerusalem. A city no longer divided by politics but by wealth and class. 


Nero, a 16 year-old gifted martial arts warrior from the wrong side of town falls in love with Eden, an equally gifted warrior and daughter of the creator of the Alternate - the Virtual Reality world in which their avatars live. Unable to fulfill their love in the real world due to their different backgrounds, Eden and Nero meet in the alternate, where they find out that powerful forces around them threaten to bring great destruction upon the platform's poor, illegal users.


Determined to save both the users and the Alternate Nero and Eden set out on an adventure that will change not only their lives, but also the lives of those most precious to them


Writer: Sivan Gal Boico

Screenplay editor: Esty Namdar

Director: Oded Raz

With the support of The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund, The Israel Film Fund


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