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Shay and Yafit, in their mid-twenties, each live at home with their parents and are about to get married. Yafit is contending with her parents leaving the city of Dimona shortly before the wedding and with the hardships of the first years of marriage.


Ilanit - 30, a single mother, takes her destiny into her own hands. She has one child and wants another. She tries to impact life in Dimona and initiates demonstrations in an attempt to make necessary changes to the city.


These are the central protagonists of the documentary soap opera DIMONITES. Dimona is a southern city in Israel that is detached from every neighboring town by a 40 minute drive. Thus, everyone wants to leave the city but few have the means to do so. The pros and cons form the central conflict in Dimona. The distance and lack of opportunities define the lives of its inhabitants. 

Director and Screenwriter | Nitza Gonen

Producers | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Cinematographer | Boaz  Jakob 

Editor | Ami Tir 

Co-production | Nitza Gonen – Gon Productions

Broadcaster | Keshet, Channel 2, Israel 

Produced with the support of | MAKOR Foundation for Israeli Films, Israel


The series was among the Israeli Academy for Film and Television finalists in the TV show category for 2003.

6 Ep. X 30 Min.

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