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Deep In The Water


A coming-of-age drama about the most precarious group of teen sea scouts who are forced to confront issues of self-worth, respect, manhood, femininity and sexuality.


On the threshold of becoming adults, they are forced to contend with inner turmoil and unite to survive the stormy sea. The series paints a portrait of the teenage generation in a world where all values are tested and still, it wants to mean something,- to fulfill, to belong, to fall in love, to jump into the deep water and come out a winner. 


Created by | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Yuval Berger

Written by | Yuval Berger

Producers | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Script editor | Chen Kliman

Directed by | Kobi Paz

Cinematography by | Yuval Maimon

Artistic design | Tamar gadish

Original score | Erez Russo

Edited by | Yaron Ruda

Soundtrack Design by | Avi Mizrachi

Casting by | Liron Zohar, Naama Zaltsman

Cast | Agam Shuster, Alon Sandler, Boaz Merchav, Ben Kipris, Gilad Mann, David Lavi

Broadcaster | The Israel Broadcasting Authority,  Channel 1, Israel

9 Ep. X 30 Min.

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