We Must Get Omer Hazan!

You won't believe it, but the shy Ophir who never talked to a girl finally has a date! There's only one small problem: She thinks she's going to date the teen star and rising selfie king Omer Hazan... So what do you do when the girl you're in love with thinks you're somebody else? No choice - you have to get Omer Hazan!

#Gotta_Save _Omer_ Hazan! She is a teen comedy about two boys who first come out of the computer games world into the real world of love - and make every possible mistake (and some that seem impossible). Will they succeed in getting the girl in the end? And what happens when Omer Hazan arrives, but really falls in love? And is there a girl in the world who can resist his charm?

Status: In development

Gaenre: Feature

Format: 90'

Language: Hebrew

WriterChen Kliman - Gal

Producer: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Production company: TTV Productions Ltd

Partners: United King Films

We Must Get Omer Hazan!
We Must Get Omer Hazan!

We Must Get Omer Hazan!
We Must Get Omer Hazan!