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Champions of Life

5 Ep. X 48 Min.

This animated drama about the creation of the world attracts an audience of young viewers to the story of Genesis, to get to know the diverse theories surrounding the story and to find answers to questions that will be raised. 

Alon Gal, one of the leading coaches in Israel, develops and leads a program for adolescents.


The heroes of the series are a group of the finest Israeli teenagers from the "Meir Shfeya" boarding school in the north. With close, documented guidance, they go through a process of growth and empowerment, helping them focus on their goals and achieve them. Through personal meetings with Alon, group tasks and obstacles, they must overcome. The series will depict a mosaic of human feelings, urges, expectations and moments of success which offer a true portrait of Israeli youth in the year 2008.



Creators | Alon Gal, Zafrir Kochanovsky, Eitan Shmueloff

Producers | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Director | Eitan Shmueloff

Coacher | Alon Gal 

Script Editor | Ami Teer  

Editors | Yuval Geva, Shimon Spektor

Additional Editors | Sara Salomon, Avigail Dahan,

Aya Somech, Efrat Kempel 

Head Researcher | Ronit Dor Head Photographer Ronen Oz

Broadcaster | Reshet, Channel 2, Israel

Distributors | TTV Productions Ltd -



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