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Beyond the tears

66 Min.

The film focuses on a group of artists, prisoners of the camps, who expressed their approach to the ongoing horror with dark humor, caricatures, irony and satire. They drew at night, few survived, most were sent to the death chambers. These works reflected resistance towards the Nazis’ inhumane acts, and not merely a means to protect themselves, but a spiritual weapon against their oppressors.

Written and Directed by | Hedva Galili-Smolinsky

Editor | Hayim Yafim Kochok

Producers | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Cinematography | Yoav Kush, Nili Atzlan

Sound | Hayim Kochok, Ashy Milo

Research | Ronit Nagari

Sound Editing | Eva Spitkovsky

Broadcaster |The Second TV and Radio Authority


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