Anyone Has His Onn Everest 


"Kfar Tikva (Village of Hope) is situated in the northern part of the country and symbolizes the tremendous efforts to prove that an exceptional individual with special needs can live a normal life in society.


We accompanied a group of residents from Kfar Tikva on a trek in the Himalayas in Nepal. The trek was rigorous for individuals such as ourselves and for the residents of Kfar Tikva it was a challenge on many other levels.


They left the protective nest of the village and were exposed to a new and fascinating world of experiences. Will the journey evoke merely fears and frustrations or also the hope of victory?


This is not their journey alone. It is a journey shared by us all. A journey of tolerance - ours towards the person that is different - a journey that perhaps breaks with convention as to the ability of an exceptional person to cope.

Director: Ohad Perach

Executive Producers: Zafrir Kochanovsky Iftach Aloni

Producer: Miri Ezra

Editor: Boaz Leon

Production company: TTV Productions Ltd

Documentary films 


Telad, Channel 2, Israel

Technical info:

45' | Beta
Language - Hebrew | Country -Israel | 2002



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2 mapu St, Tel-Aviv.

6357702 Israel 

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Fax: 972 - 3 - 5469224

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