A Touch Away


This drama series reveals a hopeless love story between an Orthodox religious young woman and a Russian immigrant. The lives of two families interconnect in an apartment complex in the Orthodox neighborhood of Bnei Brak, just outside of Tel Aviv. The Bermans are a strictly religious family, whose daughter Rochale is about to enter into an arranged marriage with a wealthy young bridegroom. But sparks fly when a thoroughly secular family from Russia moves into a neighboring apartment. The forbidden love that soon blossoms between the two young neighbors, and the secrets that each family must hide, threaten the families’ deeply rooted traditions and challenge individual family members' beliefs.

Created by: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz, Roni Ninio

Head Screenwriter: Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz 

Directed by: Ron Ninio

Producers: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Additional screenwriters: Amit Leor , Shuki Ben-Naim

Cinematography by: Ofer Harari

Original score: Shmulik Noifeld

Edited by: Adi Sarig, Ayala Bengad, Rony Eisemann

Soundtrack Design by: Aviv Aldema

Casting by: Merav Nahoum

Cast: Gaya Traub, Henry David, Evgnya Dodina, Slava Bibergal, Tzahi Grad,

Yarden Bar – Chochva, Yehezkel Lazarov, Lucy Dubinchik.

Stills Photograper: Yoni Ben Menachen

Production company: TTV Productions Ltd


Reshet, Channel 2, Israel
Tzav Pius, Israel


Ruth Films

Technical info:

38'  | Eight  Episodes | Digbeta 
Language - Hebrew, Russian | country - Israel | 2007


  • Pittsburg Israeli Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2009

  • Dallas Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2009

  • Koffler Art Centre, Toronto, Canada, 2009

  • Sao Paulo Jewish Film Festival, Brazil, 2009

  • Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2009

  • Best TV series - Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema, USA, 2009

  • Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, 2009

  • Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, Canada, 2009

  • Forum Des Images, Paris, France, 2009

  • Israel Non-Stop Film Festival, USA, 2009

  • Dallas Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2009

  • Pittsburgh Israeli Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2009

  • Dor Chadash, NY, 2009

  • Contra Costa Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2009

  • Festival of Jewish Cinema - Australia, 2008

  • Special Audience Recognition - Washington Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2008

  • Israeli Showcase, Vienna Film Archive - Austria, 2008

  • Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2008

  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2008

  • Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2008

  • Naa'mat Montreal - Canada, 2008

  • Northern NJ Israeli Film Series - USA, 2008

  • San Diego Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2008

  • Denver Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2008

  • Audience Award - Israfest Film Festival NY - USA, 2007

  • Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2007

  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2007 

  • 7 Prizes - Best Drama Series, Best Director, Best Screenwriter, Best Leading Actor, 

  • Best Artistic director, Best Costumes design, Best Original Music Score - The Israeli Academy Awards for made-for-TV Drama - Israel, 2007

  • Berlin Jewish Film Festival - Germany, 2007 

  • Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival - Israel, 2006

  • Haifa Film Festival - Israel, 2006

  • Best Drama Series Award - Haifa Int'l Film Festival - Israel, 2006



A Touch Away
A Touch Away
A Touch Away
A Touch Away
A Touch Away
A Touch Away