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20 Years On

30 Ep. X 45 Min.

A talk show that creates an interesting comparison between two intellectuals from the worlds of Israeli culture, art, politics, sports and media. Each show will host two people who have known one another for at least 20 years, who will interview one another and reminisce about special moments in their pasts and major crossroads where their paths met. The goal is to obtain closure on issues that remained unsolved over the years.

Content editor | Yaron Nisky

Director | Eitan Cohen

Producers | Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra

Set design | Erez Yaniv

Participants | 

Zofit Grant + Rami Baruch,Yehuda Barkan + Zeev Revach

Oded Katash + Doron Shefer, Gila Almagor + Zedi Zarfati

Miki Bercovich + Tal Brody, Roni Daniel + Razi Barkai

Carmi Gilon + Eitan Haber, Yochanan Zangan  + Uri Shenar

Dani Shtag + Orna Pitussi, Natan Zehavi + Charlie Biton

Yehoshua Sobol + Shlomo Bar, Niro Levi + Gili Shoshan

Emmanuel Halperin + David Vitztum and more.

Broadcaster | Channel 20 , Channel 20, Israel


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